June 23, 1999

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I had so many great stories for last week’s contest regarding
romance involving sports. I’ll be printing several of them in
upcoming issues of The RoMANtic Newsletter. It was a
difficult decision but Robin King of Daytona Beach, FL won the
Magnetic Poetry — Romance Edition. Congratulations!!

This week’s contest is the best yet. I’m giving away two $25 gift
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by Michael Webb

It’s been about 20 years since I got together with a group
of neighborhood kids to create a time capsule. To be honest, I
don’t remember what’s in it, but I do remember where we
buried it. It was on top of a 4 foot hill in the Scheer’s backyard,
just two doors down from where my mom still lives.

The Scheer’s no longer live there but each time I visit home I
keep meaning to ask the new neighbors down the street if I can go
dig in their yard. It sure would be exciting to unearth the box and
look to see what items we decided to contribute 20 years ago. I
imagine I would get a good laugh at what we thought was
interesting or “cool” two decades ago. I am sure it would bring
back lots of fond memories too.

It’s never too late to create your own time capsule, whether
you’re 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 (though a Centenarian might be pushing
it a little). I think it would be interesting if couples would bury a capsule
right before their wedding and dig it up on their 25th anniversary. Or
bury one on your 10th anniversary or hey, bury it whenever your like.
You could include a newspaper from the day you were married as
well as many other mementos that are meaningful to you as a
couple. Half the fun will be deciding what you think is significant and
worth putting three feet under.

One very important element would be the map. No matter how
good your memory is now, it is not guaranteed to be reliable in the
future. You can create the map in the “pirate’s treasure” style or
just an ordinary plotting map would be effective too. Come to think
of it, I hope that hill in the Scheer’s back yard is still there. Of course,
as a short ten-year-old, an ant pile might be considered a hill. We
should have drawn a map.


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