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June 24, 1998

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Romantic Tip of the Week June 24
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………………………………………………………Last week I sent an idea about giving trees and plants as gifts
since they usually don’t die. This week I am sharing some ways
to make flowers last longer.

Have you ever received flowers from someone? Most of
us have. Do you throw them away when they begin to wilt?
Most of us do.
Why not consider saving these flowers and returning them
to the one who sent them? Sound rude or strange? Actually,
its quite romantic.
There are a few different ways you can prepare the flowers
for their journey back to their original giver.
* Take some of the flowers and press them between sheets of
wax paper in the pages of a dictionary or other large book. It
will take several weeks or months for the flowers to properly
flatten and dry, but the results will be worth it. Then you may
want to frame the blossoms behind glass, create a card and
glue them on the front or iron them between two pieces of
laminating paper to be preserved forever.
* Remove the blossoms from their stems and dry them to
make potpourri. There are several ways to dry whole flowers
or just the petals. You can do it in with an oven, microwave,
silica crystals (found in craft stores) or simply air dry them.
You may want to check out a book from the library that
would give instructions on drying flowers and perhaps also
a book that would give some recipes on making potpourri.
* Make a dried flower arrangement. Again, you may want to
consult a book on how to dry flowers. I have had good
success with drying flowers by hanging them upside down
in a dark, dry closet for a couple of weeks. It is important to
begin the process before the petals begin to fall off the flowers.
Once the flowers are dry, arrange them (or have someone
help you if you have no talent in this area) and put them
in a vase. You can buy an ordinary vase or search flea
markets or antique stores for an old teapot or brass pot to
go with your arrangement.
* The fourth way you can return the flowers to their sender
is to save all the petals and return them in a crystal bowl
or vase. A friend of mine dried the petals from all the
roses her boyfriend had given her and they looked
strikingly beautiful in a crystal vase.
These gifts are not the same as buying potpourri
or a dried flower arrangement from the store down the road.
These are gifts that have a history and a meaning. You
received these flowers, adored and cherished them and
then took the initiative to preserve them for everlasting
enjoyment. Imagine the reaction you would get if on
the night you asked your girlfriend to become your wife,
you presented her with the first flower she had given to
you two or three years earlier.
If fresh flowers touch the heart, imagine what returned
flowers can do.
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