June 27, 2001

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T h e    R o M A N t i c    T I P    o f    t h e   W E E K

June 27, 2001

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F R O M     T H E     E D I T O R

I don’t have much new news this week so on with the issue.

Have a simple week — Michael

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I T ‘ S     T H E     L I T T L E    T H I N G S

Visiting a local farmer’s market to sample the fresh
produce and buying some to cook that evening together.

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L O V E   Q U O T E

The word love has by no means the same sense for both sexes, and this
is one cause of the serious misunderstandings that divide them.


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T I P    O F    T H E    W E E K

by Rex Backes

My first anniversary happened to fall on a Monday, and my wife, Traci,
was under the impression that we would just celebrate during the
weekend prior, because we both had to work on Monday.  So on the
Saturday before our actual anniversary, we went out for a nice dinner
on the top floor of one of the downtown skyscrapers in Charlotte.

Monday came, and I got ready for work as usual.  Traci works in the
afternoons, so she is able to sleep in.  I kissed her goodbye, as I do
every day, and then put my plan into action.  I had arranged ahead of
time to take the day off, but did not tell Traci.

I went downstairs and shut the front door, so she would think I had
left.  Then I went into the kitchen and quietly made homemade pancakes
(her favorite) with fresh sliced strawberries and whipped cream.  I
served it on our fine china, lit some candles for ambiance, and then I
changed into my tuxedo.

At this point I called our home number on my cell phone from the
kitchen.  Traci answered the phone in her groggy morning voice.  I
asked her to go downstairs to check and see if I left my work files on
the table.  As she came downstairs and around the corner into the
dining room, she about fainted seeing me there in my tuxedo serving
her breakfast.

When she asked why I wasn’t at work, I proceeded to tell her I had
taken the day off.  When she protested because she had to go to work
in the afternoon, I told her that I had called her work ahead of time
and arranged for her to have the day off as well.

We spent the afternoon going to the park, having a picnic, then going
shopping and just spending time together.  It was an anniversary we
will never forget.


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