July 26, 2000

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T h e     R o M A N t i c    T I P    o f     t h e    W E E K

JULY 26, 2000

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F R O M     T H E     E D I T O R

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827), one of history’s most famous and
mysterious composers died at the age of 57 with one great secret.
Upon his death, a love letter was found among his possessions.  It was
written to an unknown woman who Beethoven simply called his *Immortal

Should you suddenly pass away, would your sweetheart find a love
letter or special token you prepared just for them?

If you would like to read the letter Ludwig wrote, which is an
intensely passionate as the music he wrote, it will be this week’s
feature letter in the RoMANtic Love Letter of the Week e-zine.

Have a beloved week.  — Michael

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I T ‘ S     T H E     L I T T L E    T H I N G S

Dancing with your partner right in front of street musicians,
not caring what other people might think (they will actually be
very envious of the love displayed between the two of you).

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W E E K L Y     C O N T E S T

Susan Dahl of Durango, Colorado won last week’s contest on *little
things.* I used her idea in this week’s issue. I’ll use some of the
others from time to time.

This week’s contest is on PICNICS. What are some ways you can
turn an ordinary picnic into a truly romantic one? It can be the food
you serve, the place you have the picnic, special gifts you have
given during the picnic, etc. Share your story.

The winning idea will receive a copy of Pathways to the Spirit: 100
Ways to Bring the Sacred into Daily Lives.

Ideas must be received by Monday, July 31 to qualify for the prize.

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T I P    O F    T H E    W E E K

by Michael Webb

A few months back I shared with you a game that helps you to get to
know each other better (The Question Game).  Here is another one that
I have played before.

I call it 2 truths and a lie and you can play it with one other person
or with many.  You simply state three things about yourself.  Two have
to be true and one has to be a lie.  The others have to guess which
one is the lie.

I’ll go first.  I am an ordained minister.  I was Senior Class
President of my High School and I’ve been to over 30 countries.  Which
one is false?

With this game you can learn some very interesting facts that wouldn’t
come up in your typical conversations.  You might learn that someone
used to teach ballet or won a gold medal in a statewide swim meet.  I
have discovered friends who play unique instruments and have learned
about Athena’s most interesting childhood experiences.

The more we know about each other, the deeper our friendships and
relationships can be.

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