August 22, 2001

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August 22, 2001

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A Message in a Bottle

One of the most romantic elements of all time
is the love letter in a bottle. It could not be made
more romantic… until now.

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I T ‘ S T H E L I T T L E T H I N G S

Going to the golf driving range. If you don’t play, it is all the
more fun.

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This week’s contest was ROMANCE AT THE BEACH. I didn’t receive enough
good entries to make a section on my site. I don’t post all the
stories I receive. The story has to have something unique or creative
about it for me to post it on my site. Also, it has to have some
elements that most people could recreate in some fashion. There are a
lot of websites that will put up anything — I’m not one of them. I
think your time is too valuable to have to wade through a dozen
ordinary ideas just to find a really good one.

I made last week’s winning story as this week’s tip. While most of
you can’t duplicate the entire concept, hopefully it will inspire you
to do something similar.

I’m not running a contest this week due to the work I have to do to
move my website to a larger server.

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by Melissa Claessens

I have to give my husband ALL the credit on this one. I married the
most un-romantic man in the world so after you read this story, you’ll
know why he swept me off my feet.

Our 10th anniversary was coming up and my parents offered to take our
3 boys for the weekend so we could get away. I told my husband of
their offer and he said, “no thanks”. I was livid – how could he let
an offer go by like this. He said he was working on something and
didn’t need their offer. So, a few days later, I brought it up again.
I told him if we were going to go away (even for one night), we’d
better get some reservations. He again said no that he had something
else in mind. He said we’ll need a sitter but only for a few hours.
A FEW HOURS – that’s all? I decided to back off and let him do his
thing hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed.

The afternoon of our anniversary, I asked him should I dress up or
what. And he said to dress very casual I might get wet. That got me
thinking. Eric left for the grocery store to get a few things and
when he returned, told me to stay out of the kitchen.

Our sitter arrived on time and he had a cooler in the back of the car.
We headed out and drove to my best friends house. My first thought
was ok, an evening with my best friend and her fiance on their boat,
this will be fun. I was a bit disappointed since I’d rather be alone
with my husband on this momentous day.

We headed out on their boat into the Gulf of Mexico. After about a 20
minute ride, the boat turned into a remote island turned off the motor
and said here you go. Call us on our cell phone when you’re ready to
go home. We took the cooler, a blanket and a flashlight and jumped
off the boat.

We set up our picnic of Bruchetta, cheese & crackers, fresh fruit,
gourmet olives, french bread & chilled champagne. We watched the sun
go down on the water and toasted our 10 years together. We ate our
dinner and we then well, you can fill in the rest. Afterwards, we
went for a long walk on the deserted beach in the moonlight holding
hands. We finished our evening with strawberries & cream and
presents. A gold watch for him and diamond stud earrings for me.

It was only a few hours but it seemed we were a lifetime away from our
busy lives at home. Eric scored major “husband points” that night – a
night I will never forget for the rest of my life. I truly married
the best man in the world. And here we are one year later, our 11th
anniversary this weekend.
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