October 17, 2001

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October 17, 2001

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Thanks to everyone who is keeping my first book, The RoMANtic’s Guide,
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I’ll be out in Los Angeles next week taping The Other Half with Dick
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Have a sensational week. — Michael

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Buying some water colors or finger paints and painting just for fun

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Last week’s contest was on ROMANTIC RITUALS.  I got a lot of wonderful
entries.  Several were duplicates so I didn’t put them all up.  If you
want to know some of the rituals in the Webb household, send a blank
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Read the 30 best romantic rituals on my site at:

Once again I need your help choosing a winner.  Vote for up to three
of your favorite (and yes you can vote for your own).

From everyone who votes I’ll pick one person for this week’s prize
which is a brand new hardbound copy of Be Love For Who You Really Are.
This book is just out and is written by the husband and wife team of
Drs.  Judith Sherven and James Sniechowski.  They are among my
favorite relationships authors.

Send your vote via e-mailto:tipofweek@aol.com

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What is a timeless message?


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T I P   O F   T H E   W E E K

by Michael Webb

Are you prepared for romance?  If your sweetheart came home today and
said he or she received a promotion, would you be able to celebrate on
the spot?

I used to keep a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge (until we
invited a homeless recovering alcoholic to live with us).  I never
knew when there might be some immediate need for a little sparkly to
celebrate with Athena.  Now sparkling cider works just as well.  I
also try to keep some cookies, chocolates or “treats” on hand should
there be need for an instant living room picnic.

Along with having the drinks and snacks on the blanket, I can light a
few candles in the living room, put on a mood setting CD and presto,
we have an instant romantic setting.

It doesnt hurt to have some chocolate kisses, confetti, balloons and
some blank cards on hand.

Be prepared for romance in this way not only allows and encourages you
to celebrate any and every occasion that you have no way of planning
for, its a great way to celebrate the occasions that might have
slipped your mind (like a birthday or anniversary).


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