October 20, 1999

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OCTOBER 20, 1999

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I T ‘ S T H E L I T T L E T H I N G S

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Richie Gobin won last week’s contest on a romantic Halloween. I was
amazed at the number of great ideas submitted and it was very
difficult to decide which one best epitomized creative romance.

Many were so good that I decided to make them the Tip(s) of the Week.

This week’s contest is very broad so practically everyone can enter.
Submit your story on creative & romantic gifts you have received or given.
My work is unique because it focuses on the creative aspect of romance.
For example, a gift of 6 dozen roses might be romantic but it is actually
pretty common and not that creative.

The prize this week is a one year subscription to The RoMANtic
Newsletter. You can order your own for $15 by calling 1-888-476-6268.

E-mail your entry (with mailing address) mailto:tipofweek@aol.com

Your e-mail needs to be received by Monday, October 25.

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T I P (S) O F T H E W E E K


Submitted by: Richie Gobin

It is fun to ‘shop’ for a pumpkin together. To find just the right
size & shape so that you may go home and plan your sculpture.

Keep in mind how fun it can be to place newspapers on the kitchen
floor to capture all the gooey mess of a ripe pumpkin.

So, what I did was to cut an opening into the ‘bottom’ of the pumpkin
and placed inside, wrapped in a plastic moisture-proof baggie, a love
note & small gift (necklace). My wife & I decide how to
carve the pumpkin. First I told her, is to cut the top off and dig
out the gooey seeds & meat of the pumpkin.

We both reached into this wet mess, pulling together on the strands of
seeds. Then I pulled my hand out and asked her to finish pulling
the guts out.

As she reached in to complete the removal of the ‘guts’ of the
pumpkin, she found the baggie. Just to see her smile as she
discovered this gift, was worth the mess.


Submitted by: Mika Flynn

Last year for Halloween I blindfolded my husband and drove him to a
farmer’s market on the outskirts of the city. They had a massive
‘haunted pumpkin patch’ complete with a 20 minute hayride. When we
arrived and he took off the blindfold he hadn’t a clue where we were –
but he thought the whole idea was great!

While we waited in line for our turn on the hayride through the very
haunted and scary cornfields (they had actors that did little skits
along the way, as well as chasing the tractor-hayride) we drank hot
apple cider and ate candy apples. It changed our view of Halloween as
‘only for kids’.


Submitted by: Annette Atwell

Host a couples-only costume party with a romantic theme, such as
famous couples. Romeo and Juliet, Cinderella and Prince Charming,
even Sonny and Cher are costume ideas. Decorate with jack-o’-lanterns
that have hearts for the eyes and the nose. You could serve
heart-shaped cookies decorated with orange and black frosting. Hand
out Hershey’s kisses to any trick-or-treaters that stop by. Make the
holiday more about costumes and fantasy than goblins and ghosts.


Submitted by: Christine Medina

Go to a pumpkin patch (or have gone to one already) and select your
pumpkin. Come home, pop on some music- instrumental or silly, or
anything you want- and carve the pumpkin(s) together. Make sure
though, that at least one (or two little ones) is carved romantically.
If you’re artistic, roses etc., or just hearts is fine too.

Once you’ve cleaned up the mess, Turn off the lights, putting candles
in the pumpkins with hearts (the others can go outside). Enjoy the
elegant lighting, and if you feel like playing, go for a game of bob
for apples. Of course, at the same time. 🙂

Later you can watch a good suspenseful movie, the kind where you have
to cuddle up close.


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