December 15, 1999

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DECEMBER 15, 1999

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I just got word from my publisher that I’ll be receiving the first
batch of my new books in a week or two!! To celebrate, I’m running a
special. Order a subscription to the newsletter and one book for only
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Have a merry, romantic week. — Michael

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I T ‘ S T H E L I T T L E T H I N G S

Putting your hand on your sweetheart’s leg while
taking a drive

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Congratulations to Kathy Rhodes of Marietta, Georgia. She won a copy
of the Romantic Adventure Secret Admirer kit. Her idea and others
from last week’s contest will be posted on the website soon.

This week’s contest is VERY simple!!! Tell me the full name of my new
book. From the correct entries one person will win a new CD “Great
Love Themes — Piano Solos” by David Tolley.

E-mail your entry (with mailing address if you want the prize mailed
to you)

Your e-mail needs to be received by Monday, December 20.

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T I P  O F  T H E  W E E K

by Paul J Hartstirn

Pharmacies are very agreeable to make up prescription labels with
whatever you want printed on them (for free!). The label and little
“pill” container I had made up had these elements:

Dr.: Feelbetter

Patient: Amy Hartstirn

Instructions: Blow three (3) seconds by mouth for fighting children
and repeat as needed.

Contents: Referee’s Whistle

I gave it to my wife to help stop fights between the kids. The
pharmacy put the whistle in a pill container, and sealed it all up in
a pharmacy bag. It looked like a real prescription! She loved it.

There are many different variations to this theme which could be used
for special surprises: anniversary rings, new car keys, ear plugs to
block out the kids’ noise, a coupon for a night out, a small bottle of
perfume, etc. The labels can be put on boxes…so you’re not
restricted to pill-bottle sized items.

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