December 26, 2001

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December 26, 2001

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F R O M   T H E   E D I T O R

I hope your Christmas was as special as you wanted it to be.  Athena,
Ashton and I spent a leisurely day at home with some family who came
into town.

If you are looking for some creative ideas on celebrating New Year’s
check out

Have a happy, happy week. — Michael

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I T ‘ S    T H E    L I T T L E    T H I N G S

Trying to make balloon characters out of a variety of balloon shapes.

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Bob Johnston of Brantford, Ontario, Canada won last week’s contest on
the guess for how many subscribers my Secrets of Blissful
Relationships ezine had.  The day of the contest it had 18,913.  It
has over 20,000 subscribers now.

This will be the last contest I have for a little while.  Athena,
Ashton and I will be in the Caribbean for the month of January.  We’ll
be vacationing and I’ll be writing two more books while we are there.
I’ll resume contests in February.

Guess which island we will be on.  One person with the correct answer
will receive a free copy of my ebook, 50 Secrets of Blissful
Relationships.  Hint: It is in the British West Indies.

Send your guess via by Monday.

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T I P   O F   T H E   W E E K

Better Than Check Mate
by Michael Webb

Athena and I like to play all sorts of games – cards, backgammon,
chinese checkers and even chess.  Staying home and playing games is a
relaxing and inexpensive date night for us.

Chess particularly can be a “serious” sort of game.  There is a lot of
strategy and thought that goes with it.  Sometimes chess should be
more fun.

To combat the all too serious attitude about chess I came up with a
great way to bring a bit of levity to the game.  I created little tags
to put on the bottoms of the chess pieces.  The tags were basically
“rewards” for capturing that piece.

So when Athena captured my Rook, she turned it over and found that she
was awarded a five-minute back rub.  When I took her Queen, I got one
night off of making dinner (yes, I do most of the cooking).

The tags are randomly placed under the pieces so capturing a Pawn
might gain you a better prize than say, a Bishop.  I even created a
couple of tags for each side that allowed the conqueror to take back
one of his pieces.

Bobby Fischer probably wouldn’t like my game of chess, but Athena and
I sure do.


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