Scents that Sexually Arouse Women

The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation conducted studies on both men and women to find out what specific scents caused sexual arousal.

They surveyed women with many scents and measured their increase and decrease in vaginal blood flow to see what “turned women on”.

scents arouse womenHere are some very interesting results.

1. The preferred odor for women was Good & Plenty, a licorice candy, or a combination of Licorice and cucumber, which caused a 13% increase in vaginal blood flow.
2. A combination of lavender and pumpkin pie increased vaginal blood flow by 11%.
3. Negatives: Women had negative responses to several odors, including cherry, which caused an 18% reduction, and charcoal barbecue smoke, which caused a 14% reduction. Interestingly, the study found that women are not turned on by male colognes. They caused a 1% reduction in vaginal blood flow.

So, don’t barbecue with cologne if you are expecting her to be frisky.

Here are the results of the men’s study to find out what arouses men.