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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Joelle Cardoso

My boyfriend and I have known each other almost all our lives but just┬árecently began dating. Last Christmas I wasn’t sure what to get him because we had just begun our new relationship a few weeks before and it was too soon to go all out with expensive or really serious gifts.

After coming across a couple of pictures from when we were younger, I decided to start a photo album of “us”. It took me a while but I found a few more old pictures of us and made sure that when ever we went somewhere I had a camera with me so I could ask someone to take our picture (I ended up only filling the first few pages).

The 5X7 photo book that I bought was only $7.99 and he loved it. He especially like the note I put in the front saying that we will work on finishing the album together as our relationship grows and we
make new memories. When ever we get new pictures he pulls out our album, we go through it and then place the new pictures in together.