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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Donna Foti

I have bought for my sweetie, just recently, an antique key which I paid just a few dollars for. Well, the key to my heart, don’t you know?

I made a box for it, with a heart on the top, which I cut out of an old sheet of copper, but, anything can work, and I inscribed on it, “You hold the Key to my heart.” I nestled it inside on a soft piece of scrape velvet, which I had. I wrote a note telling him that my heart belongs to only him and only he can lock it or unlock it…so to be sure to treat it right! I also told of my love for him.

He loved the idea and he keeps the antique key right on his key ring as a constant reminder of how much I love him! The key can be found in many antique shops and sometimes even on E bay!