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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Amy Rickelman

I’ve given my boyfriend many fun, inexpensive gifts. I think that the one that was my most favorite was 8 puzzle pieces to my heart (on the 8th Day of Valentine’s). On this one I made a heart. I wrote my boyfriend’s name in the middle and cut it into 8 pieces with my boyfriend’s name being one of the pieces.

When I gave it to him I left out the piece with his name on it and put it in my pocket. I had him put the puzzle together and while he was putting it together he told me that there were only 7 pieces. I told him that one of the pieces must have fallen out but to go ahead and put it together so that I could see which piece was missing.

When he finished the puzzle he realized that the middle piece was missing and that was when I took out the middle piece with his name on it and told him that he made my heart complete. These days meant so much to him and they barely cost me anything. Not only that but it was so much fun to see his face excited everyday for what he was going to get that day.