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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Heather Jordan

For my husband’s last birthday, our cash was low, so I made him a gift of a “romantic coupon book”. I printed about 15 coupons for him to “redeem”, and every one of them either cost just a few dollars, or nothing at all. Here are some samples:

(This coupon entitles you to…)
– a Dr. Pepper slurpee, 1/2 of a Twix bar, and a long drive in any direction you choose (note: this was how most of our dates went early in our relationship, since we were both money-poor and romance-rich… you can use ideas from your own early dates)
– an afternoon of cross country skiing
– a one hour walk with your wife and the dog
– sit on the sofa and relax while I prepare, and clean up, supper
– one TV sports event with absolutely no interruptions
– an afternoon at the park, playing frisbee
– a romantic massage, complete with candles and music

My husband can use his coupons for spontaneous dates, or just for relaxing time. And best of all, his birthday present lasts much longer, and stretches out the budget!