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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Christine Medina

Well, my birthday is just two days before my boyfriends and this year we both agreed not to buy each other anything. We had to make our gifts and could only buy materials.

He loves to dip his meals in anything, so for his birthday I made him four different sauces: one was Salsa, BBQ Sauce, Vanilla sauce, and  orange-chocolate sauce. I put them in neat jars, made labels with pictures and an explanation and wrapped them up… He Absolutely loved them and even shared them with his family.

As for what he gave me… Well, we often take pictures together, but with my camera. For over a year, he has been stealing pictures of me that we took and that my family took. For my birthday, he complied about half of them into a book. He drew a picture of me (he’s an artist) on the front cover and labeled it “Christine is…” each page had a picture or two and a cut out piece of paper relating to the theme of the pictures. Written on the cut-out was “what I am”. Ordinarily I don’t like looking at pictures of myself, but this was so sweet I loved it! Especially the ending which had a picture of the two of us and was labeled “My Best Friend.”