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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Mrs. T. Cardozo

A year after my future husband and I started dating, he decided to go back to school for a couple of years in a city that was two states away from me. While we were apart we wrote each other really long, sappy, steamy love letters.

On one of the 3 visits we had in those 2 years, he noticed that all his love letters were sitting on a shelf on my book case, I told him that when I see them, I get butterflies thinking about the words and that was why they were sitting there.

About a week later he sent a small package, instead of a letter and inside the package was a heart-shaped box that he had crafted out of card board box, it was definitely a homemade job. He used a cardboard box he had at home, bought paint, ribbons, glue and glitter from a craft store, about $8, and made me a beautiful box to store my love letters. While I didn’t mind my letters just laying on the shelf, I must say that the box looks much better sitting there and the fact that I know he put his Heart into it made me love him and it even more.