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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Sunshine Schuppel

My husband’s favorite gift cost me next to nothing, and I gave it to him over three years ago. Yet it still hangs in a prominent spot on our bedroom wall, continually reminding him how much I love him.

One night shortly before we were engaged, I decided I wanted to make something to show him how wonderful he was in my eyes. So I gathered together a piece of white poster board and a package of markers and got to work. I wrote in big letters across the top “100 Things I Love About You.” Then I proceeded to list everything I loved, admired, or respected about him–everything from “You are always doing things to serve other people” to “You challenge me to try new things–but still accept me when I chicken out” to “You didn’t laugh when I screamed at the snake we saw while hiking.” He was thrilled with it, and immediately bought a poster-sized frame to hang his “personalized poster” in his apartment. Since our wedding day, we have moved several times but that poster is the one thing that always comes out of the boxes and onto the wall before any others!

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