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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Michelle Petty

One of the most romantic gifts that I ever received cost nothing. My husband, had called me at work. He knew that I had a rough day and really wasn’t in the mood for anything. He always told me he would never cook for me because he hated it that much. So I wasn’t looking forward to going home and cooking, cleaning, etc.

When I got home and walked in the door, I had a huge surprise. He had rummaged through our recycling and pulled out all the cans–veggie cans, pop cans whatever he could find. Then he went to the yard and picked all kinds of flowers, twigs, etc. It was early spring so we didn’t have very many flowers, but we had dandelions, snow crocuses, violets, maple twigs, pussywillow twigs and grass.

He had done this in every room of the house so we had well over a hundred of them. We are not done though. Like I said earlier, he hated to cook and said that he never would for me. But at this time he changed his mind. He decided to make homemade pizza (one of my favorites). He rummaged through the frig and tossed just about anything he could find on it (we now call it the potluck pizza). It was the best darn pizza I ever had. I don’t know if it were actually that good or it was because my husband did something for me that he wouldn’t normally ever do.