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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Zach Reitmeier

For Valentine’s day this year I was completely broke but needed something romantic to give to my fiancee. So I wrote her a letter explaining that although I did not have the money to offer her an expensive gift, I was giving her one that I put a lot more thought into.

I told her how much I was looking forward to marrying her and listed twenty reasons why I love her so much. I concluded the letter by telling her that I knew we might have some rough times in the years ahead but I would always love her and whenever she needed encouragement she should pick up that letter and read the words of someone that would love her unconditionally forever.

I had it printed on a sheet of really good paper in a fancy font, put a few dried rose petals in the open spots of the letter (I dried them flat especially for this), and had it laminated so that it would last a long time. I put it in a box with a lot more rose petals and wrapped it in white tissue paper covered with more rose petals.

The whole thing (including wrapping) cost about $8 and judging by the tears when she opened it, it made a really good impression. Much better than some of the more expensive gifts I’ve gotten her in the past.