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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Robin Shell

It took me a while to figure out what to get my husband (then fiance) as a wedding gift. I wanted it to be meaningful and memorable. For the year before the wedding, I kept scraps of everything we did. Matchbook covers from restaurants, ticket stubs from movies or plays, postcards, even scraps of the carpet from our first apartment. I put all these items in a scrapbook and added drawings about events that didn’t have something I could tape in.

I gave this to my husband along with a videotape I made of his family and close friends telling him how much he is loved and cherished. I also videotaped locations of events like where we met and our favorite restaurant (and our least favorite restaurant).

We still watch the tape and look through the scrapbook. And it was all done for the price of a photo album, some glue and a videotape.

The whole thing (including wrapping) cost about $8 and judging by the tears when she opened it, it made a really good impression. Much better than some of the more expensive gifts I’ve gotten her in the past.