Gifts Under $10

Gifts Under $10


submitted by: Cathy Eckard


man baking cake romantic gift under $10When we were first married my new husband was great at buying me “stuff”. But I needed to know I was “worth the effort”, especially after the card he bought me for mothers day said “To My Mother” (hmmmm took time to read that one I see). The poor guy is just not creative, and he doesn’t seem to be resourceful enough to “borrow” ideas from others either. His idea of showing his love is twofold, the first one is simply being here, and the second is in verbally saying “I love you” that’s it.

So, when I came home to a freshly baked, dry, lopsided cake, and a large glass of iced cold milk, to me, that was romance—because he took the time….proving I was worth the effort. And he even cleaned the ceiling and walls himself (he didn’t realize what happens when you remove mixing beaters from the bowl without turning off first.). 21 years later, we’re still here….better than ever….and your book of ideas was bought some time ago…and he finds stuff in there now and he’s actually managed a few things on his own now. So thanks for the creative lesson to him….for US.


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