Gifts Under $10

Gifts Under $10

THE $1.99 GIFT

submitted by: Jim DeBrabander


romantic card ideasMy wife’s favorite birthday gift of all time cost me $1.99. My wife stays at home with three children under 6 years old and is expecting our fourth. For her birthday this year I took a vacation day without her knowing about it beforehand. I go in to work early so she is normally still asleep when I get up, so to keep things looking normal I got up at my normal time.

Instead of getting ready for work however, I started making her breakfast. The heart-shaped pancakes, omelet, fresh strawberries, coffee, and juice were ready at just about her normal waking time. I got out our bed tray and served her breakfast in bed along with her “gift”. Inside her birthday card I had written that I had taken off the whole day to watch the kids. The day was hers to do whatever she wanted.

She was soon dressed and out the door. I didn’t see or hear from her again until she came home after dinner. She claims this was her best birthday ever [which I’m not sure how to take, since she spent most of it without me:-) !!]. All this, and it cost only $1.99 for the card.