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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Kim Thompson

I’ve been married for almost 3 yrs & I’m very happily married. I gave my husband a gift when we were dating that was actually no cost to me.

While at work one day a friend showed me how to make an origami box out of an ordinary sheet of paper. I made it about the size of a match box. then I got a sticker in the shape of a red heart and put inside of it. I call my husband “Boo”, so on the top of the box I put “Boo’s box”. I gave it to him and told him when he looked inside that was my heart! and to take special care of it, that was almost four years ago.

He keeps it in his truck in the ash tray where it’s always with him (he doesn’t smoke, so it’s the only thing in there). It looks a little weathered due to him looking at it and holding it, but it’s there in a safe place so my heart is taken well care of!!