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submitted by: LaRieal

The most romantic thing I have ever done was….for a weekend with my mate who was living in another city.

First we set up the date….then about a week before the weekend, I sent him a small note card that I had sitting around the house. I addressed the card as if it were an invitation, I wrote something to the effect of be ready for the time of your life, bring yourself, your smile, and your heart. on May 10, 1999. (COST .33)

When he arrived I met him out at the car and blindfolded him with a scarf I had laying around the house. He of course didn’t know what was going on. I had already cooked dinner Pesta Rosa Pasta <already in the house> Cornbread, tea etc. All items were already in the house so no need to go buy anything. In the house there was jazz playing, a fire lit, and the lights were dimmed.

When we finished eating by candlelight, I took his plate. Up under his plate I had another card which had some kind of riddle which gave him a clue as to what was going to happen next. When I took his plate he saw the card <I of course acted as if I knew nothing about the card>

I then blindfolded him leading him to my car. I took him to a local walking bridge and just enjoyed the night air, the stars, and each other. Upon leaving he was given another card which gave him a slight clue as to what was next….by this time he was very curious… I blindfolded him once again in the car and drove a different way home….we went into the house and I left him on the patio as if what was about to happen was going to happen out there. During his time out on the patio I ran his bath putting rose petals in the tub and candles <tealights> around the tubs edge….I went back out to the patio handing him a glass of sparkling grape juice and another card giving him instructions as to what he needed to do….<which was take a relaxing bath and see me when he finished> When he finished I rewarded him with a long back rub and a kiss. During the whole night he just kept smiling and grinning like he was a kid at Christmas. He later told me that that was the most caring and romantic thing he had ever had done for him. You can put your own twist on this evening…the main things were the different cards, the blindfold, and your heart.

This all cost under 10.00

– Stamp for mailing the card
– Box of Cards <if not around the house> 1.00 at a dollar store
– Dinner <nothing use what’s in your house>
– Sparkling Grape Juice 2.00 at local grocery store
– one – two roses 3.00 local grocery store
– Candles <if you don’t have any> 2.00 pkg of tealights
– Blindfold <use what’s in your home.>