Gifts Under $20

Gifts Under $20


submitted by: Christine Howard


romantic library creative love poem quote ideasMy husband and I just celebrated our first anniversary. We had no money due to water damage not covered by insurance. We had a HUGE remodeling bill to pay.

He had to work the night of our anniversary, so we couldn’t do the simple stuff like rent a movie, romantic stuff at home, etc.

We set a spending limit of $5, which my husband said was an impossible feat. But, he came through with flying colors.

He went to the library and read numerous poems about love, when he found one that described something special (how he feels about me, the place we first kissed, how I look to him, etc) he would book mark it with a paper that explained why he chose that poem.

I opened the box and spent hours reading them and why he chose the ones he did.  I have never gotten a gift that was so thoughtful, ever. And, needless to say, it didn’t cost him anything but time.