Gifts Under $20

Gifts Under $20


submitted by: Joni


mosaic i love you ideas under $20Here’s a gift that I’ve given my man. 101 Things I love about him (I’m sure that everyone has heard of doing this) but I made a collage out of it.  

I cut each word I wanted to use out of old magazines and pasted the thing I love about him (for instance, Waking Up Next to You) on a colored scrap of paper.  I alternated colored paper so there’s variety of course.  

Then I took all the colored pieces of paper and did kind of a mosaic thing and spelled out I love you Mike on a huge, sturdy posterboard.  It’s really cool looking, not expensive, (you really only have to buy the colored paper, a glue stick, and posterboard) and most importantly personalized. It’s also resourceful because you’re using old magazines that you’d probably just throw away.  It does take time to sit there and cut each individual word out, but worth it in the end!!