Gifts Under $20

Gifts Under $20


submitted by: Carol G

love vouchersEvery year my husband looks forward to my “Love Basket” as I like to call it.  Each year, I buy a basket from the local Dollar Store and fill it with ‘goodies’ for him with a total cost of $17, give or take.

I make a book of home-made “Love Vouchers” on the computer (massage, foot rub, candlelight dinner, bubble bath with warmed up towels, striptease, etc., etc.) and I always add his favourite magazine (which changes during the year), a couple of candles, his favorite chocolates, hot chocolate mix and a mug and some kind of bath aid (bubbles, beads, oil, etc.)

You can pick up most of these things at the Dollar Store and stay well within budget and your loved one will appreciate your thoughtfulness and look forward to redeeming the love vouchers.  Not a truly  ‘creative’ gift I guess but very appreciated.