Gifts Under $20

Gifts Under $20


submitted by: Jennifer Frisk


Retro microphone on stageMy husband always complains that I don’t sing for him enough. I decided to give him a gift that was VERY inexpensive monetarily but did take a lot of time.

I first used songs that I either had on CD or found on the internet that said something I really wanted to communicate to Brian. Each song had its own message. I burned these fourteen songs (about an hour) to CD, and borrowed my dad’s karaoke machine and did a “voiceover” of the lyrics.

In addition, I bought nice parchment paper ($6.50 for 80 sheets) and 2 sheets of coated card stock ($0.20 each) to make the “lyrics book.” On every other sheet, I placed the lyrics and the opposing sheet was my explanation of why I chose that song and what I wanted to say to Brian. I covered it with the card stock which had a photo of the two of us on the front and a picture of wedding rings on the back and took it to an office supply store for binding ($3.50).

The total cost came to about $14.50, but the gift will last forever.