Gifts Under $20

Gifts Under $20


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romantic sweaters couple wearing gifts under 20 dollars ideasAfter my boyfriend and I had been together for 6 months, he enlisted in the air force and was getting ready to leave to go away for BMT (boot camp). We were going to miss each other terribly.

For the entire week before he left, I sulked because of it. I complained that I wouldn’t get to hear his voice and see him that much. The day before he left, he came up to me with a package. I looked at him in surprise because I wasn’t expecting it.

When I opened it, I found a CD that he had recorded of himself playing the guitar and singing our song on, a hand written song that he had wrote about me, one of his sweaters, and a rose.

He told me that the CD was so that I could hear him anytime telling me that he loved me, the song he had wrote was so I could see a part of him anytime, the sweater was so that I could still be close to him, and the rose meant he loved me. I cried so much after he gave me this. It was all very cheap and so emotional!