Gifts Under $20

Gifts Under $20


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romantic word letter collage ideas romantic gifts under twenty dollars ideasOne year the money was really tight for my husband and me. We decided together to spend what little money we had on gifts for our two children. I did want to give him something that came from the heart though.

I took a bunch of old magazines. I cut out words in all different sizes, probably 100 or more. Some of the words were things like, “true love, perfect, blast, Mr. Right, handsome, awesome, wild, funny, romantic, cherished, everything, true love, etc.”

I created a collage by gluing them to a thin piece of cardboard using a glue stick. I then spent $5.00 for a frame. When I gave it to him I told him that anytime he wanted to know what I thought of him, to simply look at the words in the picture frame. He was so touched tears ran his face.

He placed it on the mantle in the center. He will not let anyone move it. It has been there for almost 10 years now. He still won’t let it be moved from it’s “home”.