Gifts Under $40

Gifts Under $40


submitted by: Kelly Gasparini


romantic-glass-bottle-gift-ideas-sand-presents-cheapI always try to make my boyfriend know how much I cherish his presence in my life.  I have been blessed with so many gifts from God, and I count Joseph as one of the most precious.

My philosophy has always been to let the ones you care about know how much of a positive impact they make on your life, everyday, making each one

When thinking up a unique gift for Joseph I kept in mind one of his best qualities, his humility.  You see, sometimes he can get a little uncomfortable with the compliments I share with him.  So I decided to make sharing all those little things I love about him most a little easier for Joseph to digest.

We both have a deep love for the ocean, so I began there.  I bought a little 8 dollar glass bottle from pier one.  The I went to work.  I wrote down many fun and romantic memories we have shared over the past year.  I wrote down things he has said that make me laugh and warm my heart.  I wrote down qualities he possesses that I am deeply grateful for and deeply respect.  I took each of the hand written notes (more personal than typing up) and put them on nice paper cutting them out into little strips and then folding them so they fit nicely in the bottle.

My most special gift to Joseph will have only cost 8 dollars, a couple sheets of paper and some pen ink.

He will be able to take out a message from the bottle when he wants to and be reminded of how much I love him.