Gifts Under $40

Gifts Under $40


submitted by: Kelly Gasparini


romantic-picnic-dating-date-valentines-ideas-make-it-yourself-giftsMy boyfriend and I are “poor college students” as the phrase goes and I had little money to spend on my loved one.  So I decided to send him multiple handmade gifts.  I bought a few fresh flowers
(not roses b/c I couldn’t afford them) and made my own bouquet.  Next, I took scraps of colored gift tissue paper and wrapping paper and decorated a blank envelope and a folded piece of paper (the card), thus making my own card and envelope.

Inside the envelope, I attached a “love coupon” that was good for a romantic sunset picnic at the place of his choosing. I also included a decorated, heart-shaped cookie-lollipop that I had made (just insert a Popsicle-stick into a heart shaped cookie) and a small sachet of potpourri (made from scraps of cloth) for his room.

He really loved the gift because he knew how much time I had spent making it and also because he knew that I put my heart into making it.  The total cost of the gift was less than 10 dollars….however if you include the cost of the picnic, it was a still inexpensive