Gifts Under $40

Gifts Under $40


submitted by: Stacie H


romantic-muscle-car-image-dating-valentines-day-gift-ideasBeing in a new relationship and having dated all of 4 weeks, this Valentine’s Day has presented quite a challenge to me. We’re just still getting to know each other, our likes and dislikes. I didn’t want to get the romantic little red boxers with the tazmanian devil on them just yet as that seemed too mushy and personal; and a shirt to me at this stage is just too impersonal.

Well after several days of racking my mind and trying to come up with a good idea, I think I stumbled upon it. My gentleman is somewhat of a muscle car buff. Just loves them. So after many hours of searching and not finding much in this little town of mine, I resorted to that old point and click method. After searching quite extensively on the net, I found what I had hoped would surprise him and thrill him to no end to know that I have been paying attention and learning about him. It is a piece of automotive artwork done by an artist by the name of Jack Schmitt. It is of the muscle cars that he likes and I had it framed. He loved it.


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