Gifts Under $40

Gifts Under $40


submitted by: Carrie Stribling


romantic-photo-album-special-gift-ideaMy boyfriend and I had only been dating for six months when he surprised me with a wonderful gift that I still have.  He had started working on about a month in advance…it was a “Story of Us” picture album.  He always had doubles made of all his pictures of us, and the ones he didn’t, he just scanned and printed and cut out.  

If he needed something like a movie we went to see on our first date, or something we liked to eat, he went to the website and printed out the logo.  He went to Starbucks and got all the different stickers for all the different coffees (that was where we liked to spend time after work together) and made that into a collage on one page.  

He took a disposable camera and went around and took pictures of places where we liked to go on our dates, or places that had special meaning to us…and every photograph had a caption.  He got a very large album, so half of it could be left blank…with a page that read “and room for so many more memories.”  It was perfect!!