Gifts Under $40

Gifts Under $40


submitted by: Lynn


romantic-winnie-the-pooh-and-piglet-gifts-under-40-dollars-ideasThis year for Valentine’s Day I took last years Winnie the Pooh calendar, “A Special Place to Bee”, that my boyfriend had given me (He is my pooh bear and I am his piglet) and cut out some of the pictures.  

I then glued them on individual pieces of alternating red and pink construction paper tied together like a book with red yarn. The first page read, “A Special Place to Bee” and on each of the next 8 pages under the picture I put remarks like with you on an adventure (pooh and piglet are skiing), with you cuddling (pooh is reading to piglet and the rest of the characters), with you celebrating (it is pooh’s birthday and everyone is present), etc. etc. 

On the last page I put 4 small pictures of pooh, piglet, and the gang and wrote, “but the best special place to bee is with you forever now and always. May I ask you to marry me? I will ask politely”  I then signed it our special signature of xontls – Lynn.