Gifts Under $40

Gifts Under $40


submitted by: Barbara Bryie

Gold romantic kids gift under $40When my son was 6 yr. old he had a special friend that he would play with all the time.  She lived next door to us. Sammy was a very pretty girl and like most girls that are 6 liked to play with dolls and play house with those dolls. Sammy and Timmy would play dolls together and of course would also climb trees, etc. like most 6 year olds. 

Well, for Sammy’s 7th birthday, my son wanted to get her something real special.  He had a 23 kt gold Mickey Mouse ring that I had bought him a couple of years earlier. I spent probably $10 US for it while we lived in Indonesia. He then saved up his allowance for a couple of weeks and bought her a nice birthday card, and a dozen peach colored roses. On her birthday – he took them over to her house and asked her mom if he could see her daughter for a second. He had the roses behind his back. When Sammy came to the door – he pulled the roses from behind his back and gave them to her along with the card and ring.  Altogether, the total cost of making his friends 7th birthday something very special cost $35 – this includes the original cost of the ring.  My son still thinks of Sammy from time to time – but Sammy has since moved away. Goes to show you – romance is not limited to adults – children can be romantic as well if they are brought up seeing it.


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