Gifts under $40

Gifts under $40


submitted by: Travis Tapley

Romantic gifts

For Valentine’s Day I took and typed up a cover letter and resume applying for the position of Valentine for my wife. I made it look real “official” and professional. I then placed it inside a 8 1/2″ x 11″ clasp envelope. I addressed it to “Valentine Department” ATTN: my wife’s name and mailed from our local post office so she would receive it on Feb. 14th.


The resume contained what I felt to be all of my qualities for the position. When she got it she loved it and all it cost, was .50cents for the envelope and maybe 5 cents for the paper to print it on.


But that was not all I did. I also took and bought a bag of craft sticks at one of the dollar stores along with a small two inch by about three inch heart that said “I love you” on it. I found a small wooden dowel and bought a tube of super glue and made a small wooden cage using the craft sticks.


Before adding the final side to my cage, I glued the heart to a piece of the dowel and attached it to the top of the cage where the heart would hang about in the middle. After adding my final side, I made a note, hole punched it and attached it to the outside of the cage with a piece of rattan. The note read: “This simple cage of wood is only symbolic, because nothing could ever capture my heart as easily as you did fourteen years ago. Happy Valentine’s Day.”


Another gift that cost me maybe five dollars and she loved it also because it came from the heart and I took the time to make it, not run out and buy it!