Gifts Under $40

Gifts Under $40


submitted by: Jessica Nissen


romantic-roses-on-bed-secret-special-delivery-balloonsTwo years ago I went to my boyfriends house and his brother was there so he let me in. I went in and went to my boyfriends room.

In his room he had two open corners and in each corner I put 2 groups of balloon and each one was $5.95.  Then I bought 4 roses which cost $7.96. I picked all the petals off and put them on his bed. Then I bought bags of Hershey’s Kisses that cost $3.98 and took each kiss and spelled out I LOVE YOU on his bed.

I lit the candles that he had in his room. When he got home 5 minutes later and walked into his room he was so happy. I only spent a total of $17.98 but he still remembers it.