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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Jim Pack

My wedding anniversary is in June, so the first Fourth of July that we were married, before we went to the fireworks, we pulled out some leftovers from our wedding reception — a chilled bottle of champagne and some fortune cookies! It was wonderful, watching fireworks as we toasted our “interdependence,” our “personal fireworks,” and anything else we could think of to toast!

That first year, we also met up with some good friends to watch the fireworks together, and brought the wedding pictures for them to see — in effect, we simply continued enjoying our wedding reception.

Since then, every year we take champagne to the fireworks, and we usually try to meet up with those good old friends we celebrated with that first year. A few years, we haven’t made it — one year I was still recovering from childbirth, and one year my friend was doing the same, so they couldn’t join us … but we toasted each other in absentia!

Instead of trying to locate the lemon-flavored fortune cookies we had specially made for our wedding, each year we buy ourselves the best chocolate we can, which is a great accompaniment to the champagne, we think!