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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Lori A. James

My parents lived overseas for at least half of their married life.  They happened to be in the States for their 40th anniversary – actually they were here traveling and visiting friends over a 2-month period – and timed their visit with me for their anniversary weekend.

I packed a picnic lunch and had a map with a route outlined on it for them. (They had not been to visit me in this part of the country and I’m surrounded by national parks, so there were lots of places to go exploring.)

I told them to be home by a certain time and sent them out to have fun together for the day.  When they came home that evening, I had converted the enclosed porch into a candlelit haven, fresh flowers everywhere, and a gourmet meal, served in courses for them.  When I served dessert, they were given hints on where to find their anniversary presents.

I had gotten them each a small gift that held a small ruby (the traditional gift for 40th anniversaries) and was related to a lighthouse – their last name.

They told me they had never had so much fun on an anniversary.  It was more fun planning it and watching them act like young kids in love!