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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Tonya LeStrange

I filled his shower stall with balloons (that I had blown up in the middle of the night) that were red, pink and white and I took heart cut-outs and wrote “You’ve been showered with love” on them to hang on the outside of the door.

I had originally planned out for us to go down to the Botanical Gardens (where we were married) but the place was already rented out for the night for another party. Right outside of the Botanical Gardens, hanging over 4 lanes of traffic, is a lightboard sign.  I rented some space on there to say “Happy 10th Anniversary Pete!”  and “I love you VERY much!”.   I had the rest of the night planned out and it went like this.  As I drove Pete into town for our ‘mystery night’ I asked him to watch on the lightboard for the temperature because I thought (not really) that my temp gauge in the car was off.  We luckily sat at the light right in front of the lightboard so he could easily see the anniversary & I love you message float by.  He looked over to me with tear-filled eyes and told me that was the neatest thing I’ve ever done for him!!!  He told me that it made his heart skip a beat!

We then drove a few more blocks to our waiting horse & carriage to take us on a tour of the downtown historical homes section.  Pete and I have always talked about wanting to take a tour of those homes because we’ve thought they were lovely.  It was a beautiful night, a light breeze, a warm arm around me and kissing like teenagers aboard that carriage!  We had glasses and chilled wine with us in the carriage (that I snuck onboard with us) but we completely forgot to open it!

On our wedding day, we left the Botanical Gardens by horse & carriage and went to the Chamber of Commerce for the reception.  We passed by the Chamber on our route and it was just like repeating that day all over again!

Then after the carriage ride I whisked him off to our favorite dinner spot for a romantic dinner for two.  Candle light, soft music in the background, and just the two of us!  At dinner I handed Pete the gift I bought for him.  I bought him a wristwatch because I wanted him to know that every minute that I’m married to him is the happiest times of my life!