submitted by: Diana


romantic-match-fire-with-colors-in-the-background-anniversary-giftFor my 2 year anniversary I could not find an appropriate gift. I usually like to make my gifts so I decided to give him a box of feelings. 

For every emotion I felt for him and the time we spent together, I tried to express it in a physical form. I attached the items to pieces of construction paper of various sizes, colors, and shapes and then wrote on it what that item represented. I then put all the items in a heart-shaped box (you can get them at Wal-Mart) which I painted and tied it with leather string. 

Some of the things I put in there: cheesy things like a match for “the fire he lights in me.” A heart patch “for how much I love him.” A band-aid “for all the wounds he has helped heal.” A smiley face cut-out “for all the fun we have.” A piece of candy “for how sweet he is.” You get the picture. I’m happy to say he enjoyed the gift and when he showed his mother her eyes teared up a little.