submitted by: Trudy Bodenbach


romantic-memories-anniversary-photo-albumFor my mom and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary I made them a scrap book with pictures through the years of them, all the kids (7 of them) and all the grandkids (15 at that time).

Each kid had a section of 4 pages with pictures of themselves and all their children and each included a letter that they wrote to my mom and dad expressing their thanks etc. for all that our family has meant to each of us.  Plus there were many miscellaneous pictures over the years, a list of of each family member and their birthday, a family tree and a wedding and anniversary announcement from the newspaper.

This book was passed around and around at the anniversary celebration that we had for them and everyone loved.  We still get it out from time to time to look it over and my mom has been adding more pages to it.