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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Naomi Cockell

For our first anniversary we had not really spoken about gifts but I had done a lot of thinking. I don’t have much money, and I wanted something meaningful. Although flowers and chocolates
can be nice, they are a little tired.

One of the ways that Carl makes me feel loved is all the little things he does for me. So what I did was buy a gold gift box and gold tissue paper. I wrapped a cheap photo frame and put it in the bottom of the box with a note to say we would have fun taking the picture for his desk at work.

I then put in twelve envelopes, one for each month we had been together. On the front I wrote one of the reasons I loved him, and inside put a homemade gift card for little things I could do for him… like clean out his fish, wash his car, make his favourite cookies, give him a back massage. All things that he loves but wouldn’t cost too much. I wrapped twelve packages of love heart sweets in the gold paper and put those in, and bought a packet of confetti hearts and poured those in too. He loved it!