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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Julia Ray

My husband and I have been married for 6 wonderful, blissful years. This year at our anniversary, I had no ideal what to get for him. He basically has everything he needs and more.

I sat there for almost 2 weeks trying to think of an idea. Then it finally came to me. On our wedding day, we got married in a Superior court by my mother and fathers best friend. She’s a judge. We didn’t have the money to hire a photographer, we just had family members take pictures.  I never really did anything with the pictures after that. They ended up in a photo album on our shelves collecting dust.

So I had a few days to go before our anniversary was here. I started staring at the bookshelves and saw the photo album. I pulled it out and started to reminisce. Then an idea struck me.

I asked some family members for their negatives and I took mine to the local drugstore to get remakes of them.  I went to craft stores looking for scrapbook templates. I finally found the right one and got some really pretty scrapbook paper as well.

I went back to get my pictures and found this really big frame. I think it was an 11×16. Well, I got some photo mats and started to make a photo collage of our wedding pictures.  I went online, to the library and other various places to find just the right romantic poem to put as the center piece in the frame.  I finally found one and typed it up and printed it out on the scrapbook paper.

There was a lot of cutting involved to make it just the right shape to fit the template. But after about 6 hrs of sitting there, picking out the right pictures and inserting the poem, I had the greatest present to give to my husband.  On the back of the frame, I got a gold marker and wrote something special on the back along with the date we were married and the date of this anniversary.

I gave it to him right at the time we were married 6 yrs ago and he just started crying! He couldn’t believe all of the hard work I had put into it.  Also, at the time of our anniversary, we were moving so it had to go into a box. But as soon as we unpacked, the frame was the 1st thing to go up on our walls.  Now everyone can see it when they enter our home and see what a wonderful day we had when we got married!