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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Dream Girl

For my anniversary I borrowed a tent, moved all my furniture out of my living room and decorated it with a black sheet with glow in the dark stars and moons. I also had one of those lamps that has a shade that turned in the middle of the room and the shade had cut outs of moons and stars so it revolved around the whole room. 

I then had a friend of mine help me set the tent up and I had a telescope set up in by my living room window I had made surf and turf for dinner and a bottle of champagne on ice. Before my husband arrived home I took off my cloths and sprayed my body with a glow glitter.

When he arrived the door was locked and when he knocked I answered welcome to the moon room. I had bought a mike to talk through that made your voice sound like you were in space. He said it was the most romantic thing he ever experienced.