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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Garland Owensby

For our 10th anniversary we went to the Riverwalk in San Antonio, away from the three preschoolers that occupy our home.  We did the normal, nice dinner, nice hotel, sight-seeing, chocolates, but the next idea was worth more than everything else combined

A few weeks before I bought a view-binder and began to write the “Story of Us”.  It was a 25 page review of our life together in as much detail as I could muster.  Our first date, what we were wearing.  I divided the book by year of marriage and wrote 2-3 pages for each year.  

As we read the book together we laughed and cried remembering both the good and bad times that produced the marriage that we have.  We were able to reflect on how close we’ve grown and how faithful God has been to us in our marriage.  We laughed at our immaturity from years ago and reawakened the romance of newlyweds.  

Before each year I would place a page with the year, anniversary (5th, 6th, 7th etc…) and a photo of clip art that represented the major event of the year. (baby, twins, moving to TX from FL, new job etc…)  The last page ended with “this weekend we’re going to celebrate 10 years together…”  

Each year I plan on updating the book with a more detailed account of our life together.  I believe this will make a great keepsake for us to remind us of why we fell in love and continue to be in love and will serve as an inspiration for our children.