Traditional Anniversaries

Traditional Anniversaries

4… 3… 2… 1

submitted by: Heather Jordan


canoeing couple romantic anniversary gift ideaOur finances have always been a bit tight, so my husband and I started giving traditional anniversary gifts the first year to save a bit of money. Our best ones are:

1 – Paper: I gave my husband a year’s subscription to his favorite news magazine.
2 – Cotton: My husband gave me a t-shirt printed with our best wedding photo. I gave him cotton boxers with “Tigger” embroidered on them (my nickname for him).
3 – Leather: My husband gave me a blue leather bookmark with a silver deer/”dear” at the top. (Blue and silver were our wedding colours.) The bookmark also had our city name stamped on it, because this is the year we moved back to our hometown – a very special time for us.

We’re looking forward to this year’s gifts – something to do with fruit/flowers (or silk/flowers – we have two different versions of the list). I’ll be giving my husband a new silk tie to go with his new job. But I can guarantee he won’t want to wait until our 30th anniversary to get a canoe!