Traditional Anniversaries

Traditional Anniversaries


submitted by: Karen Griebel

anniversary giftFor my ourĀ first anniversary I decided to create a “scrapbook” of our life together, and this is an excellent idea for those of you strapped on cash… I went back and wrote out a scrapbook from the day we first met, how we ended up meeting again after a few years, how it blossomed into the wonderful relationship we have now.

I used my scanner, all of the things I had saved including a few old emails, ticket stubs, pictures, and other “little” memorabilia…(I also have been keeping a consistent journal since I was 10, so I have quite a few things written down!) and scanned the items into our “story”.

I had the book set up in chapters: Ch.1 (how we first met) Ch. 2 (How we got back together) Ch. 3 and on was each month of the year we had just spent together. Each chapter was named after a song relevant to that month.

I printed each page (it ended up being 50+ pages double-sided!) on photo-quality paper (bright white paper works well too, especially for pix), and had it professionally bound at Office Max with a clear plastic cover (to see the cover I had printed up. It looked professional, and it was so much fun to make, and to read together. It’s something we’ll always be able to cherish!