Building Anticipation

Building Anticipation


submitted by: Eddy Gilpin


romantic post it notes building anticiaption romantic ideas notes left behind hiddenI use a variety of ways for building up anticipation for a big event like our anniversary. I put a countdown chart on the bathroom mirror (with dry erase marker) and change it every day beginning about a month or so before the event. (I use a different color with days in the 30’s, 20’s 10’s, etc.) I leave Post-It notes (varying in size and color) in various places as reminders of the momentous occasion.

I send messages to her describing how enjoyable the coming event will be. After taking something that belongs to her, I make “Ransom notes” (cutting out the letters from newspapers like they use to do in the TV shows) telling her to follow “the kidnapper’s” demands exactly.

I leave notes sporadically in her car, in her purse, and in other places where she will be sure to find them that simply have the date and a heart or some such symbol written on them. A couple of times I will leave a Hershey’s Hug and/or Kiss with a note (in the shape of the little Hershey’s flag) attached.

Any of these (or all of them together) work well in building anticipation for a coming event.